Brochure Design for the Greater Good


Project Details

Scope: Print, Digital

Role: Art Director, Designer


The Situation:

Volunteer work is a great way to pick up fun projects and give back to the community. Partnering with Catchafire — a service that matches non-profits with professionals interested in donating their time and skills — I was able to lend my skills to a science education program.

The Strategy:

With a target audience of primary school educators, the brochure design needed to appeal to a highly educated demographic made up mostly with women. The brochure also needed to accommodate shifting quarterly goals and programs.

The Solution:

Utilizing their branding guidelines and a bit of elbow grease, I developed a few easily editable brochure templates in InDesign that meshed with the CityScience mission.

Check out the feature on the CityScience blog: CityScience Meets Catchafire: Brandon Sherman and Jason Santos

Jason Santos

Art Director | Designer | Illustrator | All-around Keen Guy