No Artistic Skill Required!


Project Details

Scope: Digital, Content Marketing

Role: Designer, Copywriter

Client: Big Fish Games

The Situation:

April Fool's Day is a perfect time for companies to gain free advertising via content marketing gags.

The Strategy:

A great way to gain attention on April Fool's Day is to parody a very popular product. At the time, DrawSomething was a huge hit in the gaming industry and a prime target.

The Solution:

Poking fun of the uber-successful DrawSomething, MimeSomething was a Big Fish Games April Fool's gag. I combined the feel of the DrawSomething interface with the look of a silent artiste and wrapped it all up in an invisible box of goodness.

MimeSomething was featured on the Big Fish Games website, social media channels, and was picked up by various media outlets, increasing brand recognition for Big Fish Games.



Jason Santos

Art Director | Designer | Illustrator | All-around Keen Guy